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Category: 関連サイト
VisitWaget Popular Last Update: 2008/10/20 4:08
This is a simple service to get basic information a restrant (or other shop). Easy to use, just send email with phone number. Response restrant information (now alpha test state -- only search restrant around San Francisco).

This is service demonstration at TechCrunch50 conference demopit.

Easy of use as follow:
To: w@waget.net
Subject: (Phone number restrant)

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Posted: 2012/4/5 3:27  Updated: 2012/4/5 3:27
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Posted: 2013/2/23 1:31  Updated: 2013/2/23 1:31
Joined: 2013/2/23
Posts: 3
 Re: Waget
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Posted: 2013/7/5 8:29  Updated: 2013/7/5 8:29
 Re: Waget
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