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Modules : Event Guide Module 2.63 Released
Posted by nobu on 2010/10/10 7:49:45 (19946 reads)

Event Guide module (eguide-2.62) update released. You can get from Downloads page.


2010/10/10 eguide 2.63 released
* Fix replace for month/week name by local language string (2.63a)
* Add email confirm options (email_repeat_check)
* Support altsys language manager
* Fix miscalculate in reservation summary
* Fix redirect_header out absolute path (for mobile)

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nobu  Posted on 2012/6/23 9:27
If you want to use eguide with calendar.
Recommend use piCal module that include eguide2 plug-in.

Alternative to get from sourceforge.jp
Download community maintained piCal.
komikomi  Posted on 2012/6/20 14:14
Can eguide integrate fullcalendar to

show events in calendar style with fullcalendar!

thank you!

Below is fullcalendar in live work.




Thank you!!
jochen2011  Posted on 2011/7/10 17:39
I just cleaned the cache after deleting like you told and now its working fine, Thank you very much, br, Jochen
nobu  Posted on 2011/7/9 15:31 | Last modified
I think you mistake understand XOOPS template system.
You need change template by template manager in copy of template set. Never to change in templates/eguide_admin.html file.

Follow as Altsys modules template manager result for change example.
@@ -238,9 +238,9 @@
 <script type="text/javascript">
 // display only JavaScript enable
-xoopsGetElementById("itemhelper").style.display = "block";
+//xoopsGetElementById("itemhelper").style.display = "block";
 function addFieldItem() {
     var myform = window.document.evform;
     var item=myform.xelab.value;
     if (item == "") {
jochen2011  Posted on 2011/7/8 18:10
Hi Nobuhiro,

I just commented it out, but it is still visible.

Any other idea ?

Thanks in advance, Jochen
nobu  Posted on 2011/7/4 15:28
remove(or comment out) follow line from "eguide_admin.html" template:
xoopsGetElementById("itemhelper").style.display = "block";
jochen2011  Posted on 2011/7/3 15:59
It works perfect !

Another question:

How can I hide this http://insert24.de/Image2.gif

where and what to comment out ?

I ask, because for the average user this might be confusing.

Thanks in advance, Jochen
jochen2011  Posted on 2011/7/3 14:35
OK, I will try this, thank you and br, Jochen
nobu  Posted on 2011/6/26 19:59 | Last modified
You want show list reservation users each other?
You can use "!" mark on additional fields.

For example:
That show up list, "Name" and "Comment" fields.
jochen2011  Posted on 2011/6/26 10:50
Hi all,

to make my users post events, I let them use the admin.php .

But this way, only the admin and the poster can see the list of participations. How to make all other users see the list of participations too ?
I guess the file receipt.php needs to be changed ?

Anyone an idea ?

thanks in advance,
best regards, Jochen

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