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Category: XOOPS modules (2.0)
Download Now!Contact Center module (ccenter.tgz) Popular Version: 0.98
Submitted Date:  2012/1/23
ccenter 0.96 before version has security vulnerability. Please update ccenter 0.97 later.

This module development now.

If you like zip format: ccenter.zip

"Contact Center" is a from contacting module. It has following features.

- Highly custamizable contact form
- Saved message in database
- Contacting support functions
- Quality Analysis of contact

This is not only Form Mail system. Contact and support followups.


2012-01-14 ccenter 0.97
* Fix script insersion vulnerability (thx dramifa)
* Add edit for evaluation value and comment by admin
* Fix message admin list condition lost when paging
* Change logging message format
* Add option variables for email address input (input_mail_confirm, input_main_login)
* Fix some bugs

Development this module at following site.

Downloaded 14882 times  14882  File Size 94.93 KB  Supported Platforms XOOPS 2.0.x, XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 or later  Home Page http://dev.myht.org/
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leco1  Posted on 2020/8/9 23:07 | Last modified
See patch in



// display
require_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH.'/class/template.php' ;

//$tpl =& new XoopsTpl() ;

$tpl = new XoopsTpl() ;
$tpl->assign( array(
'adminmenu' => $adminmenu ,
) ) ;
$tpl->display( 'db:altsys_inc_mymenu.html' ) ;
} else {
leco1  Posted on 2016/11/16 15:11
Please, check version 0.98 to run in this site.
nobu  Posted on 2011/9/13 14:34
I found some problem with XOOPS 2.5.1a, it makes break login sessions.
Don't know same your problem or not, but I think that come same things.

So, I will be check that later. (Not enough time right now, sorry)
kakos  Posted on 2011/9/13 7:18 | Last modified
thanks for your answer...

In admin area I've recieve a white page with this error message: Fatal error: Class 'XoopsLogger' not found in C:\server\www\xoops\modules\ccenter\admin\mymenu.php on line 79

It is my local test server (windows) with apache 2.2, php 5.3 and mysql 5.1

In front page the form appears normally contuct us but I can't edit or add new forms.

nobu  Posted on 2011/9/9 9:43
Well, I tested Contact Center module with XOOPS 2.5.1a.
It looks worked fine.

What happen in your site?
kakos  Posted on 2011/9/8 11:01 | Last modified
I've used this module in previous versions of the xoops (from xoops.org) 2.4.x and worked normally but in latest versions 2.5.x has some troubles. It is real one of the best contact form module and it would be useful to be compatible with all the entire family of xoops (xoops.org and xoopscube).

In any case you have done a great job ...
leco1  Posted on 2011/3/26 16:26
Tanks nobu

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